Sunday, 15 April 2012


Online transactions can be monitored, recorded, and key logged by a variety of hackers and third parties without the knowledge or consent of the user and exchanging sensitive information without the appropriate encryption technology or security measures can make a computer user or identity particularly vulnerable.

The following list provides some tips on how to make sure your transaction is secure: 
  • Use the latest Internet browser. 
  • Look for digital certificates 
  • Read the privacy policy 
  • Only use one credit card for all of your online purchases
  • Never give out passwords or user ID information online unless you know who you are dealing with and why they need it. 
  • Keep records of all of your Internet transactions. After you've made purchases online, check your e-mail
  • Never sharing passwords with any other person

never forget these rules ok... =D


  1. Wow... what a good and clear blog..now i can transaction online more easily after reading your blog..thank you

  2. now i know it is safe to use online transaction.i will surely try to use it :-)