Sunday, 15 April 2012


businesses and companies nowadays need to compete along with the technologies, and at least to be up to date to succeed. they cannot just stay with the traditional method even though its still possible. but, why not try the new way? here are some of revolution for them to improve their business in attracting customers: 
  • Collaboration Key - companies set up smart hubs that are not only used by their own customers, but also interact with other companies' sites 
  • Breaking Barriers - allowing constant updates of information related to inventory, product availability and shipping status 
  • Supercharged Kiosks - The customer could even purchase the TV directly from the kiosk for later deliver 
  • IM's New Role - instant messaging likely will be beefed up to handle everyday business processes 
  • Speeding Things Up - the real-time aspect of future e-commerce technologies will allow users to engage in "threaded discussions" as they negotiate contracts and share data 
  • On the Same Page 
  • Wireless e-commerce - also called mobile commerce or m-commerce

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